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Welcome to my sorta warped world! ;p  

     I am going to go ahead and apologize right now...I am horrible when it comes to paying attention to my website. I'm lazy...not much else to say about that..LOL. My name is Robin Renee Ray and I love writng dark fantasy, but my mind craves writing suspence intrigue and thrillers. One could say that I have learned to incoporate the two into almost every genre that I write in... though I have several novels that are paranormal romances, and even one straight up contemporary romance, my love is where the gore is so you'll find me playing with the characters that have far more fun than those who simply fall in love. ; )  My little secret that gets me ready to write a novel, is my love for writing short horror stories. Write a short gory read, then write a novel...don't know why that works for me, but it does! Maybe my world's a bit more than 'sorta' warped..LOL

I will update frequently, so please feel free to check in from time to time~

I have left all the companies that I worked for and am now a complete Independent Author and loving it!!!!  I'm slowly getting my work back out and will soon have it out in print as well. I have many novels waiting in the dust pile for its turn to see the light of day or the dark of night ; p  but I believe being an Indie is going to be an amazing and one hell of a rockin' ride~

My baby girl singing Crazy...Her way..LOL

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 Arrival of the Prophecy....Could not be more proud to say that this novel has made All Romance's Bestsellers list!